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Tax consulting

Under German law there are two providers who are allowed to assist you with your tax return: Tax consultants and Lohnsteuerhilfevereine.

Definition: Lohnsteuerhilfeverein is an organisation for members (pensioners or employees) to get help with tax matters (§ 13 para. 1 StBerG).

Organisation: The members pay a membership fee depending on earnings.

Purpose: Access to adequate professional tax consulting conducted by tax consultants or qualified specialists for members of the association. Therefore is no extra admission fee.

STEUERCHECK24 Lohnsteuerhilfe  e.V. is an approved self-help-organisation of taxpayers, that provides its members with access to professional tax consulting conducted by tax consultants or qualified executives.

Basic requirement for any assistance is the membership.

Membership in a Lohnsteuerhilfeverein is limited to people, who only have earnings according to § 4 Nr. 11 StBerG. For all others the legislative authority only allows the support provided by a tax consultant.

Acceptable income:

  • Income from employment
  • Other forms of regular income (e.g. pension benefits)
  • Alimony income § 22 Nr. 1a EStG

According to § 4 Nr. 11 StBerG in addition to this income other revenues,  that derive from different sources, will be tolerated: up to 13.000 € for singles and 26.000 € for joined assessment (e.g. income from rent subletting and capital gains).

Each member receives professional, individal tax consulting conducted by tax consultants or qualified specialists free of charge

Our services

As included in membership, we advise and assist throughout the year:

  • in income tax on wages
  • with child benefits (A.10 of the Income Tax Act)
  • with private home allowance
  • with income from support payments
  • with income from rentals and leases
  • with income from private sale transactions
  • with income from capital assets

We additionally prepare your tax declaration, negotiate with the tax office and represent you at the tax court.

If income consists of wages/salary/pension and other sources of income do not exceed €13,000 or (for a married couple) €26,000 and there is no income subject to capital gains or value-added tax.

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