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We take care of your tax return ... ... comfortably from home via internet!

German Tax Declaration

Yes of course – it is easy.

When it comes to taxes, the first question we are often asked at STEUERCHECK24 is, “Will I get a tax refund?” For the majority of our clients, that answer is YES! For thousands of German Taxpayers, the tax rfund is the biggest paycheck you´ll receive all year! This means filling your taxes ist the most important financial transaction. We help you to get the maximum refund you deserve.

  • There is no need to make an appointment
  • It is easy – because we take care of your tax return
  • We help you to get the maximum refund you deserve
  • Favourable fixed fee
Further advantages

Frequently Asked Questions

The web site also provides answers to questions that are frequently asked. For more information about STEUERCHECK24 simply click through.

Our membership fees

Our fees are based on your gross annual income. No matter how often you need our advice, all the services are covered with the annual contribution. There are no extra charges for you.

Fixed Price
gross annual income
€ 49.90
up to 11999.00 €
€ 89.90
from 12000.00 €
€ 109.90
from 35000.00 €
€ 129.90
from 45000.00 €
€ 149.90
from 60000.00 €
€ 169.90
from 80000.00 €
€ 209.90
from 90000.00 €
€ 249.90
from 120000.00 €
€ 289.90
from 140000.00 €

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